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Thank you so much @⁨Asha⁩ and @⁨Recha⁩ for an amazing journey - Loved your idea of session where tools are discussed and micromission are assigned on a weekly basis and self reflection the very next week. Both of them ensured all of us had enough time to share our experiences and learn from each other. Almost all self reflection sessions they also did the micromissions and shared their experiences too. I personally learnt so much with the stakeholder management, leadership presence and conflict resolution module and today's network session. I was very happy to be a part of this pilot batch - there was not a single time when i felt i was judged for my questions. when i initially started out had my confusions if i should be part of leadership accelerate or empower her cohort- I liked asha and recha's learning together style so much that i joined both the batches. Zero regrets. have not had a single session where i have not got a single takeaway from a session. Got so many perspectives that i have evolved so much as a person. Eternally grateful to both of them for making me this confident personally which i struggled for so many years. Special thanks to Asha for being there and addressing when i was in doubt during one of the sessions. Thank you whole heartedly both of you!❤️🤩

~ Anjana

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