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Join the Vision Sync Leadership Accelerate Cohort

A transformative program designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and network to become a powerful leader.

Are you a high-achieving woman in corporate India, poised to break through barriers?

Happy women at workplace

Do you see yourself leading with purpose, commanding respect, and exuding a captivating executive presence?

Unlock your full potential with our exclusive leadership program today!

  • Do you want to be seen as a high-performing superstar while asserting your personal boundaries, working smart and not long and hard?

  • Do you want to leverage your stakeholder network to catapult your career?

  • Do you want to influence executive presence and emotional intelligence? 

  • Do you want to manage conflict with ease and a strategic mindset?

  • Do you want to overcome imposter syndrome and unconscious bias with confident competence?

  • Do you want to get ahead of the office politics and nip any toxic elements in the bud?

Vision Sync Understands.

We're here to empower women like you to shatter these limitations and claim your rightful place as a leader.

Thank you so much @⁨Asha⁩ and @⁨Recha⁩ for an amazing journey - Loved your idea of session where tools are discussed and micromission are assigned on a weekly basis and self reflection the very next week. Both of them ensured all of us had enough time to share our experiences and learn from each other. Almost all self reflection sessions they also did the micromissions and shared their experiences too. I personally learnt so much with the stakeholder management, leadership presence and conflict resolution module and today's network session. I was very happy to be a part of this pilot batch - there was not a single time when i felt i was judged for my questions. when i initially started out had my confusions if i should be part of leadership accelerate or empower her cohort- I liked asha and recha's learning together style so much that i joined both the batches. Zero regrets. have not had a single session where i have not got a single takeaway from a session. Got so many perspectives that i have evolved so much as a person. Eternally grateful to both of them for making me this confident personally which i struggled for so many years. Special thanks to Asha for being there and addressing when i was in doubt during one of the sessions. Thank you whole heartedly both of you!❤️🤩

~ Anjana

Do you see yourself as...

  • Effortlessly commanding respect: Stakeholders recognize your expertise and naturally turn to you for strategic guidance and leadership.

  • A brand that speaks volumes: You cultivate a powerful personal brand that reflects your unique strengths and inspires others on their journeys.

  • A life that thrives: You achieve a work-life balance that fuels your success, not drains you, allowing you to bring your best self to every aspect of your life.

Business Meeting at a Cafe

The Vision Sync Leadership Accelerate Cohort is your key to unlocking this powerful reality.

Here's what sets the program apart

12 weeks of intensive group coaching: Learn alongside a supportive network of women leaders, sharing experiences and accelerating your growth.

Self-discovery through powerful assessments: Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and pinpoint areas where you can truly shine.

Actionable micro-missions:  Put your learnings into practice immediately, seeing tangible results that motivate you to keep moving forward.

Expert guidance on critical leadership skills

  • Shatter the glass ceiling and break free from limitations.

  • Master high-performance strategies to achieve remarkable results.

  • Establish healthy personal boundaries and create a work-life balance that empowers you.

  • Become an influencer who commands attention and inspires action.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence to build strong relationships and navigate complex situations.

  • Think strategically and make decisions that drive success.

  • Resolve conflict with grace and find win-win solutions.

  • Project a powerful leadership presence that commands respect.

  • Craft a signature personal brand that sets you apart.

  • Leverage your network to create opportunities and build a strong support system.

  • Build unshakeable confidence and silence the voice of doubt.

Don't let these unseen forces hold you back any longer. This is your chance to step into your power and transform your career.

Limited spots available! Enroll today and secure your place in this powerful cohort.

We can't wait to empower you to become the leader you were meant to be!

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