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Staycation Bliss: A Busy Mom's Sanctuary

As I relax on a breezy balcony overlooking an infinity pool and serene water body, I feel like I've escaped to Goa - but I'm actually enjoying a weekend staycation in Kolkata!

My Story:

- Living in a joint family with in-laws, my mom, and our dog, personal space and time are rare commodities.

- My husband suggested a mid-week staycation, but I was skeptical at first.

- We booked it anyway, thanks to a freebie from his credit card company.

- And it's been a game-changer! This staycation has nourished my soul in ways I never imagined.


- Value of Staycation: I learned to appreciate the value of a staycation, which is often overlooked in favor of dining out locally.

- Convenience: No exhaustive planning, flights, or bookings required - just decide and go!

- Affordability: Staycations are much more affordable than full-fledged holidays.

- Rejuvenation: A staycation can be a powerful way to refresh and recharge, even for busy moms like myself.


If you're a busy mom like me, or just looking to break the monotony, I wholeheartedly recommend giving staycations a try. You deserve it!


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