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Career Navigator

  • 4Weeks


A transformative 4-week program designed to empower women seeking employment with essential skills and personalized coaching. Our mission is to equip women with the tools they need to thrive in the workplace through leadership programs and tailored support. Throughout the program, participants engage in a series of dynamic sessions focused on vision boarding, narrative building, resume writing, networking, and interview preparation. Each session is carefully curated to provide practical guidance and empower women to take control of their career journey. Session 1 - Vision Boarding for Clarity Participants dive into a Vision Boarding Workshop where they explore target company culture, minimum acceptable pay, and narrative building. They also identify strengths, skills, and strategies to overcome obstacles in their job search. Session 2 - Building a Compelling Narrative Dedicated to crafting a compelling narrative, optimizing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and establishing a niche as a subject matter expert online. Participants learn how to enhance their digital presence and seize speaking opportunities to showcase their expertise. Session 3 - Leveraging Network Participants learn how to tap into networks effectively, leveraging consultants, external sponsors, and referrals for job opportunities. They gain insights into reaching out to HR leaders and hiring managers, refining their storytelling skills, elevator pitch, and interview preparation techniques. Session 4 - Pitch your Story Participants focus on perfecting their storytelling abilities to leave a lasting impression in conversations. They polish their elevator pitch and prepare for "Get to Know You" moments in interviews, ensuring they're ready to excel in any professional setting. Join us at Career Navigator Cohort and embark on a transformative journey towards career success and empowerment. Let us guide you as you navigate your path to professional fulfillment and leadership excellence.

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